New tracking data suggests that U.S. ad spending hit bottom and is beginning to rebound, says MediaPost, which adds that the data comes from “the fifth wave of ad executive polling conducted by Advertiser Perceptions to measure the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on ad spending, strategy, messaging and tactics.

“The data shows that May was the low point of among respondents ramping up ad spending and that June through October are the biggest rebound months, especially July (21% citing), suggesting the third quarter is the effective rebound for the U.S. ad economy.”

“Advertisers are restarting in a crowded space with lots of moving parts — product launches, an election, and competitors trying to make up for lost time,” says Justin Fromm, executive vice president-business intelligence at Advertiser Perceptions, adding: “They’re prepared to explore alternatives to tent-pole media they had originally planned, and they need help balancing the nuances of timing and pricing that regional differences present.”

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Chart: Advertiser Perceptions

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