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Advertising and Adobe DPS: A Win for Publishers

by | Jan 22, 2015

The evolution of the publishing industry, due in large part to the rapid rise of consumer interest in digital, has left publishers questioning how to focus efforts on digital publishing without losing their valued advertisers and sponsors. It’s a common concern we hear – the fear of advertising dollars being lost with a move to digital. But current research shows this digital shift can actually help publishers exceed their advertising goals.

The Power of Analytics:

The leading enterprise digital publishing solution, Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (Adobe DPS), leads the pack for several reasons, but a main differentiating factor is the built-in analytics that comes with an Adobe DPS enterprise license – a huge win for publishers and advertisers.

Enabling Adobe DPS license owners to track downloads, number of readers and click through rates for interactive content is extremely valuable. Publishers can support their advertising rates with substantial numbers and can relay the level of success of ads within their digital publications to the respective advertisers. It’s important to note that with Adobe DPS all analytics are tracked even while a reader is accessing publication content offline. This leaves no missing pieces – all interactions with content are tracked and measured.

Take it from Rory O’Flynn, executive director of digital research at Time, Inc. O’Flynn commented on Time’s experience with advertising and Adobe DPS,

“Time Inc. is focused on a dual revenue model. Consumers pay to see our content and advertisers pay to put their messages in front of our consumers in the app environment. To be truly successful, we need to optimize the experience for advertisers and consumers, and thanks to DPS and Adobe Analytics, we have been able to design our measurement initiatives to optimize both sides of that spectrum.”

Get Users to Engage with Interactive Ads:

As publishers continue to race to get their content on mobile devices for consumers, advertisers need to step up to create memorable ads that rise above the clutter. An obvious opportunity made available with Adobe DPS is adding interactive features to advertisements in a digital publication. In a webinar hosted by Adobe, GIE Media’s success with interactive ads in Adobe DPS publications was highlighted. GIE Media has seen their interactive ads deliver a 4x longer viewing time and a 6x higher click through rate to an advertisers website compared to static ads.

Advertisers have several options to include interactive features in their advertisements. A static ad can be updated by:
· Linking out to a website or product page
· Embedding a video to showcase a new service or testimonial
· Prompting users to engage with other types of interactive content like 360-degree views and slideshows

A critical step for publishers moving into the digital space is to ensure they educate their advertisers about what this shift means and the new opportunity it presents them. Publishers also need to shift their mindset and create new tiers or levels of advertising options to offer or upsell to advertisers that includes these new digital opportunities.

We recommend taking a look at some of these examples of interactive ads for inspiration:

· Jaguar ad in Top Gear magazine
· Home Depot ad in Martha Stewart’s app
· Blind Barber ad in Bullett magazine
· REI ad in Backpacker Magazine’s Gear Guide

What challenges have you come across related to publishing content to mobile devices and relationships with advertisers? Let us hear your thoughts by commenting below.

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