You can’t describe life in 2020 without comparing it to all the years you’ve known before, states Adweek. “Nothing was the same anymore. We lived differently, worked differently, connected differently. We hurt, lost and struggled in ways we had never known, and each moment felt haunted by the memories of a life from which we had been abruptly severed,” continues the Adweek post.

According to Adweek: “That’s not an experience any ad can capture. But Nike made an absolutely Herculean attempt, and the result was one of the most hard-wrought and timely ads ever.” It was a feat of creative planning and editing that required more than 1,000 hours of compositing.

“But the ad’s quality doesn’t stem from its star power and meticulous craft. The spot is an anthem for 2020 that both literally and thematically shows how even when we’re split apart, we manage to find unity, optimism and moments of joy. It’s a message we’ll need just as much in 2021, and every year beyond,” adds Adweek.

Adweek states that while, overall, 2020 might have felt two decades long, in terms of marketing it was actually two distinct years in one: the 2020 before the pandemic and the one after.  As a result, Adweek’s annual overall list of the year’s best ads is an “eclectic one that occasionally veers quite jarringly” as the ad industry adjusted to the coronavirus.

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