While most likely think of Washington, D.C., as a simmering cauldron of political intrigue with a smattering of nice museums, the reality, states Adweek, “is (thankfully) quite a bit more multifaceted.

“The nation’s capital and its surrounding communities form one of the country’s most fascinating and energized regions for entrepreneurship, innovation and global brand leadership—though most locals are probably more proud of the booming creative culture and nightlife.

“In the newest installment of Adweek’s City Spotlight series, we visit Washington to introduce you to 24 of the professionals who are defining a new generation of leadership, evolving their industries and making sure that a refreshingly diverse range of voices are being heard.”

The list of people from innovative entrepreneurs to global influencers includes those in media – including Mary Hager, executive producer, and Margaret Brennan, moderator, CBS News’ Face the Nation – shown above (with Hager on left), marketing and other skills.  You can check out the complete Adweek list of  the professionals who are defining a new generation of leadership here.

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