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May Offer a Morning Anchor Position to Allison Seymour.

Longtime D.C. Broadcaster Allison Seymour Leaves FOX 5

by | Aug 29, 2020

Allison Seymour is leaving FOX 5 after 21 years at the D.C.-based TV station. When the station announced her departure, FOX 5 stated:

Allison started her career in television working behind the scenes at ABC News after graduating from Hampton University. She was later inducted into the Scripps Howard School of Journalism Hall of Fame from her alma mater.

Less than two years after graduating from Hampton University, she entered the Masters of Mass Communication Program and the University of South Carolina at Columbia

Her career eventually took her to Binghamton, New York, becoming the first woman to serve as the main anchor at WBNG. She then went on to help launch WXXA’s 10 p.m. news in Albany, New York.

“In the summer of 1999, I got the call that I had been waiting for from WTTG,” Allison recalled.

Allison was initially hired as a general assignment reporter for the evening news, but also served as a health reporter, noon anchor and mid-day anchor during her time at FOX 5.

“Since 2007, I have been fortunate enough to serve as a main anchor of the show that I have come to love, the FOX 5 Morning Show and Good Day DC,” she said. “During my time at WTTG, I have felt the support of our viewers both on and off the air, through my marriage and the birth of our three daughters. In fact, I had my first-ever baby shower live on the air, and the public met Sydney, Skylar and Spencer before we even came home, thanks to a camera in our hospital rooms!”

“This decision was not an easy one, but it was mine entirely,” Allison shared in her announcement to viewers. “In a business where not many people get to say goodbye, I am grateful to the leadership here at FOX 5 for giving me this moment.”

(According to a report, Seymour is moving to WUSA in D.C.)


In other FOX 5 news, Shawn Yancy has left the station. Check out our story on Capitol Communicator.

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  1. Dale Lewis

    You are one true role model for everyone thank you for your time and help with your love and compassion 💓😙💕❤️🙏

  2. J Gould

    Allison, I no longer watch WTTG Fox5…First Lark my man Tony and now you…I’m done! Wisdom ain’t enough to hold it down. He better wise up and bounce too!

    • Ava Mikell

      I stopped watching DC Fox 5 morning too; I now watch Get Up DC with Tony Perkins and Annie Uh. It seems like the DC Fox 5 morning show wanted an all white crew and now they got it. Have you noticed the advertisement photo: Steve, no-talent Angie and Tucker?

      • Jay

        Angie is the absolute worst. Self centered and ditzy. When they started promoting her and phasing out Allison I switched back to NBC4 and Get Up DC!

      • Sylvia

        I am so sorry to learn about Allison’s departure. Good bye Fox News there are no more genuine personalities left in that morning line up. I watched Fox 5 in the morning as I got ready for work. “Hanging out” with Allison over a cup of tea was like hanging out with a sister or good friend. Goodbye Fox, you’ve lost this viewer. I guess I’ll go and hang out with Tony P!

    • Kateye

      No other reasons to watch!

      • Angelobraddock

        I agree the other personalities suck Angie is not good and holly well stick in he butt and domineering. Channel 4 and 9 are now must watch😲

      • Christine Kendrick

        You will be greatly missed.
        Fox 5 is doomed now. The rumors are true about Fox 5
        I will not watch it again!!
        Alison all the best to you!!
        We love you!!!

    • JeanJ

      I miss you Allison! The morning news isn’t the same without you! ☹️

    • Marsha Trent

      JGould I agree.

    • Z Griffith

      It’s been two years, and you are right, Allison’s leaving FOX5 was the last straw. The network did not fight to keep any of their exceptional anchors. The only reason I stayed with their morning show was because of Allison. Have a good life, I’m out.

  3. Katie Burrell

    I will not be watching fox. 5 news now that Allison Seymour is gone…the show has no significance since Allison left.i am sure the station will lose ratings.



  4. I. Minor

    Allison, thank you so much for starting my mornings. You are truly missed. You were the heartbeat of Fox 5 morning news.

  5. Imani

    I no longer watch Fox five in the mornings! It is not the same genuine news cast. Angie is so fake and her facial expressions are not genuine almost as though she has a smirk on her face! You could towel Steve and Tucker miss her dearly… They all had so much great chemistry together…

    • Heidi

      Allison, I don’t know why you left, but Fox5 has lost its sparkle without you. If you go somewhere else, I will follow you if I can. I agree with those who talk about the specialness of your relationship with Steve and Tucker. I watched for the news but I didn’t turn off because of the friendship and positivity and fun. I wish you well in your life!

    • Lisa

      You are so right.
      Alison brought out the best in everyone. Now, that is sadly missing. Now it’s a VERY average newscast. Sorry, I need more!

  6. Scott

    Yea, Im done also. I use to be an apologist for Fox news always telling me wife they’re different here in the DC area. I’m starting to see she was right and I was clearly wrong. Peace and blessings Allison. You will be missed.

  7. Joyce

    Will miss you too 💟😃

  8. Patsy

    Love Allison in the morning. Will miss her smile and heartwarming attitude.

  9. MC

    I can no longer watch fox5dc. Allison was like family and she brought something that Angie is missing.

  10. Traci Lewis

    Just down right SAD!!!!


    I have been watching Fox 5 since I was a teenager and I am 60 now. I only watched because of Allison, Steve and Tucker, and Holly. All of the new people, especially Angie are horrible. I am changing stations.

  12. Doreen wright

    Allison disappeared without receiving the proper send-off. FOX 5 sucks! The truth will come out soon. Something must have happened for Allison to quit without much notice. My family will no loner support FOX 5.

  13. Peggy

    Fox 5 isn’t the same. Tony Perkins leaves, now Allison.
    I don’t care for Angie, ditzy and fake is an understatement.
    Moving to another news channel, good luck fox 5.

  14. Gina

    Allison was the best and for some reason you think Angie can replace here. You are so wrong, I am on too CBS. Loved Allison, Tucker and Steve together. Sorry did not care for Angie when Allison was still there. One thing I never liked about fox 5 was the way people just disappear. Allison brought class to Fox 5.

  15. Theresa Banks

    I’ve watched Allison every morning before work. She is so pretty, she will surely be missed. We at the Banks household with miss you 😃 smiling face in the morning. God bless you and your family. Enjoy your retirement.

  16. Maria Brown

    Now Shawn Yancy has left also – FOX5 has something in the water…

  17. Deb Jenkins

    Allison will be missed
    I wish her the best with what ever lays ahead for her..The team on Fox 5 wont be the same.

  18. Carlos

    Angie is the worst thing that happened to Fox 5 she is so fake , I will miss Allison

  19. Joanne Marie Charles-Clarke

    I started with Lark, was very happy to watch Allison, with Steve and Tucker it was great news. I wish Allison all the best. I believe Angie will improve with time. Good luck Allison God bless

  20. Tea

    I wonder where my girl was when I saw the other girl they push Allison right out the way Good Luck you will be miss on fox5.😂😢

  21. Yvonne Johnson

    I am so sorry that Allison Seymour isn’t on fox 5 any more I am so disappointed I watched her every morning and listened to her and her husband Mark Clark on WHUR radio station in the evening from 3 to 7 every day. She was a role model for many women of color she was just a breath of fresh air every day now I have noticed Shawn Yancey is leaving what is the problem they just want all white women on early morning now Wisdom Martin is the only person of color I see right now until the new person comes in to replace Allison Seymour and she will start on Monday for how long who knows I miss you Allison Seymour may God Bless you where ever you go love you and Mark Clark. ❤❤

  22. Melissa

    Angie was terrible on NBC 4 and is extremely bad, phony and comes across fake. I miss Allison and she had a down to earth personality and intelligent and overall beautiful inward and outward.

  23. Bobbie Wheeler


  24. Dr.KicksandGiggles4Real

    Very sorry to see Allison but fully understandable. I can’t take Angie seriously looking like an aged bar hostess. I cringe at Erin’s nasal valley-girl valspeak fine for cheerleader interviews but not for serious news and adults – she can’t flow a sentence properly. Wisdom is disengaged except with mirrors & camera angles. Tucker has tuckered out. Steve riding the calendar. Holly’s face is pulled too tight and sharp to smoothly transition with story tone – matches the fangs. The entire team has zero cohesiveness. Genuine spontaneous communication is desperately MIA. While I miss Allison, the anchor of the entire team, I understand the dynamics changed and moving on. Good for her. I wish her and Shawn Y as well, the absolute best.

    • Tamm Cham

      You nailed it! I had to follow Annie & Tony to Get Up DC when they started giving that idiot “boats boats boats” girl more airtime…but I did miss Ms. Allison! Now I only tune in to Fox 5 after 7:00 pm…

  25. Gilmore

    Sorry to lose two great personalities, Allison & Shawn. What’s going on @ 5 news? I suspect something in the milk that’s not clean.

    Angie is no match for either of them. She needs to control her voice as it falls too low before she finishes her sentences and you don’t know what she’s saying.

    She is too darn opinionated. Leave that to your viewers!
    Goodbye channel 5.

  26. Pat

    It seems that Fox 5 pushed Maureen Umeh (woman of color) out as a weekday morning anchor to do reporting and become the weekend morning anchor. But they gave Erin Como (non-woman of color) a promotion last year to become the ‘weekend morning anchor’ along with doing some traffic reports; so what gives? And then they got rid of Stacy Rusch (woman of color) who also did traffic report and special segments. I actually can take Angie over Erin any day because to me Erin seems to be fake, interrupts others, and messes up when reporting on something. She seems to be the station’s sweetheart and was promoted w/o much experience just because she did traffic and ‘Cooking with Como’! When they lost Allison Seymour they lost a seasoned anchor that displayed great chemistry and professionalism; especially when paired with Steve Chenevey.

    • Jodie M.

      I am truly shocked of the departures of Allison Seymour and Shawn Yancey. FOX 5 News has some serious negative issues to straighten out if you are pushing out quality journalism. Whatever the reasons, you will certainly loose a good amount of your fan base. I do continue to watch FOX 5 in the mornings but, I am wavering. I would like to know where each of these fantastic ladies’ journeys are leading them to now, and could you take Tucker with you. Hopefully it is local. Each lady will be missed terribly.

  27. andrea

    I am very sad to see Allison go. She was professional and down to earth. Erin is the girlfriend of the morning producer? I guess that is why she has moved up. I turn the station anytime she is on. She is terrible and has not improved at all with time. She will never have what it takes to be an anchor. I cringe when she is on. Angie has never been someone I can take seriously or relate to. I guess they are going with a much younger group of people. I use to always watch NBC4 in the morning but then switched to Fox5. I can’t watch the Fox5 team any more. Wisdom, Steve and Tucker are ok but it is just not the same without Allison. I guess I will return to Channel 4 although not thrilled with them anymore. I can’t get into Channel 9 or 7. There doesn’t seem to be a local news channel in the morning for me now. Sad. I wish Allison the best. I hope the new woman starting Monday is professional and down to earth. You wonder who makes the hiring and firing decisions at Fox5. They are doing a lousy job. I think they will lose many viewers including me with these choices.

  28. Shirley J

    So sad 😞 you will be missed. Fox 5 is not the same at all. You made my morning Monday- Friday with a smile 😃

  29. TAMI

    Oh no!! I spent the summer in SC and when I returned I couldn’t wait to tune into Fox5 to see “my peeps”. Imagine my surprise to see that Allison and Shawn were gone, Maureen was on the weekends, and Angie and Erin were leading the news. The show is not the same. Goodbye Fox 5

  30. Sandra cleveland

    I miss Allison. The chemistry is way off between the morning team. I like ERIN but she is so inexperienced.
    Dont know much about ANGIE but she does not fit in with Steve and tuck. Something seems off and ot was e ident when Allison was still there.


    Miss you Allison, pray your next chapter will bring you much happiness.

  32. Janet

    So so sorry to see such a class act leaving the only station I’ve watched in the morning for 20+ yrs
    As all the other watchers have said YOU ARE MISSED. Miss Allison. The best part of waking up isn’t coffee, it was the Allison, Steve, Tucker crew and coffee.
    Can only pray that Allison’s quick departure was her well thought out decision.
    A hole in the newscast and in my heart.
    May Peace, Love and Happiness follow you. Thank you, Mz. Sunshine

  33. Edna

    Allison, Steve, Maureen, Holly, Wisdom, and Tucker were a very cohesive group. I enjoyed watching them in the morning. Too bad that Fox 5 didn’t realize that. So much for bureaucracy. Allison is truly missed. Wish you the best Allison.

    • Renee

      Edna, I couldn’t have said it better. I first noticed Wisdom appear disengaged……it took awhile to realize the absence of so many of that wonderful cohesive group. (I have been out of the loop for awhile) It’s disheartening – their chemistry was outstanding!!! I DID SEE Allison on channel 9. GREAT for her. Wishing Blessings for all. Fox YOU screwed up.

  34. Crystal Williams

    That is it! Channel 5 I am gone!

  35. Tracy

    I wondered what happened to Allison. It was getting harder to catch her and you all phased in Holly. No thank you. I started watching Fox 5 when I moved to the area as a military spouse 20 years ago. Now I will move on as well.

  36. Susan Bowles

    Yes agree. She had way too many personal opinions. Usually racist. Reporters should stay to the facts and not be biased.

    • Thelma

      Oh really? Please give some EXAMPLES of Allison’s “racist opinions”.
      How did your comment get approved here?

  37. Thelma

    I have been watching Fox 5 news because of Allison. I will miss your Humor. I will follow you were ever you go. Thelma of Fort Washington.

  38. Margie Wolchak

    I really miss Allison on Fox 5 and cannot shake that she left so abruptly and without fanfare for so many years there. I am also shocked that they said her co anchor didn’t know, how could that be. She is lovely and always so professional, wish her well and I am so angry at Fox 5.

  39. Robin

    Many, many years ago there was a revolt at Channel 9 where I believe two of the lead anchors, one of the weathermen, and a sports reporter all picked up and went to channel 7 within months of each other.

    Perhaps this could be happening at Fox 5. I can easily see Maureen (Mo) being drawn over; such a talent that’s been compared to Erin. She forgets this is adulthood, not a continuation of high school. Tucker, is still in puppy love over being engaged, however, if that falls through, only Alyson would have been able to put him back together. Would Topper Shut be willing to bring him on? Finally, Steve. An earlier poster stated he’s “riding the calendar” which is very, very true. Would he be willing to agree to letting go as head anchor to be able to retire with his on air family?

    I don’t believe Steve and Tucker would have gone with a white washing of the set. Holly, and Erin, and the new one? Absolutely.

  40. Michelle McKinney

    I am really late in the game here. But obviously now Allison has moved on to WUSA9. I was sooo disappointed when she left FOX5. But WUSA – I do not watch it. Primarily because I really am not up until 7:30am. Additionally, I think it’s a pretty dismal CBS affiliate. I especially cannot figure out that Reese Waters guy….

    At any rate, just loving Jeannette Reyes on FOX5 now. Follow her in IG too. So it seems that everyone has now pivoted. And moved on.

  41. James

    I know I’m late, but I truly miss Allison. She came across as decent authentic and compassionate. She was the most professional personality that they had at Fox 5. I just don’t know how they let her get away. I now watch Get up DC. I turn to Fox 5 very blue moon, but it’s not the same without my girl.

  42. Hector M. Ortiz

    The best reporter from fox 5 news resignation is insane. She was my favorite reporter l”ll never forget her.

  43. Kateye

    I’ll miss Allison, she was sunshine in the morning.

  44. Kim

    Thank God!! She dripped with racism and hypocrisy!!!

  45. Mona

    Dagggg I’m sad BUT happy FOR MY girl Allison she will be REALLY MISSED ON Fox Five news

  46. Angel

    WoW we will miss you both.

  47. Denise Curtis

    Allison We really missy its just not the same without you, I hate to say this but a lot people have stop watching Fox Five News after. You left Please reconsider!!

  48. Erin G

    I’m a little late but I’ve been wondering where Alison Seymour was. You were my favorite part of the AM news along with Tucker and Erin. You made my mornings brighter. I liked your opinions which were down to earth and wise. The show is not the same at all. I agree the show is now too white and not representative of our area. To me, Alison was the warm “mom” of the show. That just can’t be replaced. Alison, if you read this I wish you much success and happiness, you deserve it! You are greatly missed!

  49. Alexis

    Allison, will be missed dearly and so will Shawn. Change is always difficult but it is necessary. I’m not going to make any negative comments about any of the professionals that get up early in the morning or late at night and sacrafice their time to report the news. Real or fake they are all human beings doing their jobs and we shouldn’t judge them for that, it’s just a job that doesn’t necessarily portray who these people are outside of the camera. Good luck to all who’ve left and the new faces who’ve replaced them. I wish you guys much success in all of your endeavors. Congratulations and good luck to “everyone” new and old.

  50. Kevin

    Surely gonna miss you

  51. Darlene

    Allison’s optimism and professionalism helped me cope with a dark time in my life 8 years ago. Watching her on Fox 5 News was a bright spot in my day.

  52. GGman

    Amazing, all these comments and yours is the only negative one in the group. With everything going on in the world that’s what you have to say. Obviously you are an unhappy person, otherwise you wouldn’t feel a need to put someone else down. I hope things get better for you, in the hope you show some empathy for others. Take care.

  53. Kay


  54. JeanJ

    Amen GGman!

  55. Monique

    Alison was unable to separate her personal feelings from the topics and we were getting tired of her her non-stop opinions. Reporters should just report the facts and leave their feelings at home.

  56. Barbara

    You probably also dont wear a mask. Allison has a great heart and a loving spirit.

  57. Lyn

    WOW, ridiculous! Thanks GGman for your perspective and let’s hope Kim gets the help she needs!

  58. Thelma

    Huh?! That doesn’t even make since. Which is why you didn’t post a SINGLE example of detail. Thanks Karen….uh Kim.

  59. Jay

    Sure she did and you must be a Republican that supports all of Fox Networks Hypocrisy and Lies in supporting that idiot of a President

  60. Ivy

    Wt…..you must really have your folks confused…..Holly is the racism dripper…!

  61. Maria B

    I miss her so much.

  62. Wanda Curry-Williams

    I stop watching Fox 5 News and change to Continue to watch Alison Seymour. I believe something really bad, happen to the reporter’s that Left.

  63. Regina

    Thanks Alexis. My sentiments as well! Allison is my girl and I do watch her on the other channel. God Bless all the reporters. They all do an awesome job!



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