“Are your TV ads or the shows where you advertise defective in the way they portray women? The Association of National Advertisers has a new system to tell you, ” reports Ad Age.

The Ad Age item, in part, added:

“The Gender Equality Measure scores ads or entertainment on how and how prominently they depict women, like an ad-industry version of Six Sigma, the data-driven methodology aimed at eliminating defects in products or services.

“”Increasingly our customers are holding us accountable, society is holding us accountable, for our footprint,” said Stephen Quinn, chairman of the Alliance for Family Entertainment subcommittee of the ANA. In earlier days as a chief marketing officer at Walmart and PepsiCo’s Frito-Lay, Mr. Quinn saw other parts of his companies paying closely monitor quality in their supply chains. Now he’s on a mission to get marketers to pay similar attention.”

The Alliance for Family Entertainment has already evaluated 4,000 TV ads for its Gender Equality Measure, working in conjunction with research firm ABX, which uses an online panel to rate ad creative. It has shared the results privately with ANA members, added Ad Age.

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