The American Postal Workers Union has launched two end-of-the year advertisements that remind customers what postal workers have been through in 2020.

According to a release, the first 30-second television advertisement, released just before the Christmas holiday, shown above, features a retired postal worker, Byron Denton, now in his 90’s, saying, “When I was a postal worker, we had some tough times… but we never had a year like this.” Denton goes on to talk about the unprecedented challenges brought on by the pandemic, along with 65 million election ballots delivered by the USPS and a record number of packages processed during the holidays. The spot, shot in Denton’s California home, ends with the retiree saying that postal workers “made America proud… and deserve all of our support… this season and all the seasons to come.”

The second 30-second ad, entitled “Red Box,” shows a masked four-year-old girl dropping off a package at a local post office and then the spot follows the “red box” through all of the steps it takes to get to the girl’s grandmother’s home.

Both advertisements aired on national networks including MSNBC, FOX, CNN, A&E, History, Hallmark and MeTV, among other television outlets and through social media.

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