During the past few months, Jeffrey Foot, executive director, fogo, challenged his creative team to fast track the development process during lockdown and find a story to tell related to Covid. As a creative studio, the homegrown and unsponsored content had two motives: feature something artistic/collaborative, and work out the kinks of new production safety protocols resulting from coronavirus.
Foot told Capitol Communicator: “The story we chose feels like a visual rollercoaster ride. It’s called Art Alone Together. The film’s message speaks to artistic collaboration in the midst of isolation. Jeff Everett, art director for the National Institutes of Health, creates concert poster art as a side gig. The film (above) was made during the first months of the pandemic. The film highlights the exciting world of rock n’ roll design. When Covid hits, bands stop touring and concerts cease. What does a graphic designer do with all the free time? Everett’s effort to collaborate with his fans eventually culminates in a portrait series that is auctioned for charity, with featured celebrities like The Beastie Boys, Donald Glover and, most current of all, Dr Anthony Fauci (pictured above).”

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