Art Ehrens never had a song on the Billboard charts, writes John Kelly in The Washington Post, but if you grew up in Washington, “the music he wrote plays in the Top 40 of your head.

Ooh, ooh Jerry’s.

Ourisman Dodge. You can depend on Ourisman Dodge. Great name, great cars.

We’re good to your car so your car will be good to you … Jiffy Lube.

“Art wrote jingles, those brief snatches of song designed to plant an earworm and create a customer. He died in his Bethesda home April 16 at age 76. Among his survivors are his wife, Jayne, and children, Jon and Emily.

“Jon posted a collection of jingles from his father’s 40-year stint in the advertising world on the music site Bandcamp: artehrens.bandcamp.com. The dozens of jingles represent the marketplace in music: Erol’s, Giant, Marlo, Tysons Ford, Thompson Creek Window Company, Next Day Blinds, Joanne’s Bed and Back, Spa Lady ….”

In 2016, he told author Mike Shaw that jingle writing came easily. He said: “I always thought of them as adult nursery rhymes — keep them simple, memorable, and if it sticks in people’s heads, they’ll buy the product.

Ehrens had a 50-year career in advertising and his firms included Words & Company, Ehrens Motion and Music, and EMM Creative.

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