As President Donald Trump calls out specific corporations, not only is he fueling an unprecedented amount of anxiety among executives, he also is creating an influx of business for public relations agencies, reports the Wall Street Journal, which added:

 ““This is the first situation like this we’ve ever seen,” said Gene Grabowski, who has spent over two decades in Washington, D.C.-focused PR and advocacy roles and is now a partner at crisis communications firm KGlobal. Clients typically ask for advice on how to be prepared to handle plausible scenarios like a plant fire, huge product recall or malfeasance by a board member, he said.

““This is the first time clients reached out asking, ‘What do we do if the president attacks us?’ This is now a category,” said Mr. Grabowski.

““Attack by the President” is now among the scenarios that the firm jots down on a whiteboard during routine crisis and issues management exercises for clients. The purpose is to discover what’s most likely to happen, how likely it is to happen and then how to react, said Mr. Grabowski. His firm has had discussions with at least three clients about developing a “Trump strategy.””

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