According to ReportLinker, the average U.S. household owns 7.3 screens. TV remains the most popular, with 93% of respondents claiming one. Digital devices, are booming, with smartphones now at 79%, laptops at 78% and tablets at 68%. In terms of what’s in a majority of U.S. homes, desktop computers are at 63% and video-game consoles reached 52%.

FierceCable reports that “Cable operators pushing TV Everywhere and mobile content for kids and families, including new apps from Disney, Viacom, Turner and other programmers, should keep the data in mind. One clear takeaway from the study is that children—and their parents—are forming different relationships with traditional TV content than they did less than a generation ago.

“There were 670 online respondents in the survey, described by ReportLinker as “representative of the U.S. population, still having children under 15 and having at least one device at home.” Interviews were conducted April 14-17.”

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