Just the News, a new media outlet, is being launched to “address the growing need for fact-based, impartial news and compelling digital content. JusttheNews.com will deliver exclusive news, podcasts, books, polling and video content showcasing some of the most respected and trusted journalists and editors in news media today,” states a release.

In a memo, John Solomon, creator of the new news site, wrote, “After two-plus amazing years at Hill.TV I am moving on next month to build my own startup media company.”

He did not reveal any details about his plans for an online media site, reports Washington Examiner, which added that, in his memo, Solomon “praised the Hill, his TV group, and Capitol Hill Publishing Chairman James A. Finkelstein. “With Jimmy’s vision and your continued great work, I am confident Hill.TV is destined for even greater success in the future,” Solomon wrote.

“Long an investigative reporter for the Associated Press, the 52-year-old reporter over the past decade has worked to push the Washington Times into profitability, started Circa, was president of Packard Media Group, and also headed the Center for Public Integrity, which investigates politicians and funding.

“Solomon was an investigative reporter at The Washington Post before he was named executive editor of the Washington Times in 2008.

“In July 2017, he was named executive vice president of the Hill.

“He has become well-known on TV, frequently appearing on Sean Hannity’s Fox show to discuss the Russia-Trump investigation and related stories.”

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  1. Lydia Erickson

    Awesome to see this, Mr. Solomon! You are one of the few true journalists left today!!
    I look forward to benefiting from your clear and complete reporting!

  2. Sandra

    You are the best Mr. Solomon you are the bestQ! This country is better because you . are a warrior. Thank you for all you do.

  3. Diana Naper

    I just happened to see you on Lou Dobbs’ show on Friday , 1/31 and asked my husband…” who is that man”? I could just tell from the conversation that from you we could get “ Just the News”. Thank you.

  4. William F. Shea

    John: Congratulations

    America needs to protect its aviation industry. Here are 3 examples:
    o – Only Boeing left, recall when Douglas, Lockheed, Convair use to build the worlds great airliners. Now only Boeing left. U.S. venture capital dcan resurrect a new U.S. airliner manufacturer now: Resources already still in place in California, Northwest, Texas and Kansas. Plus excellent aircraft workers yearning to go back to work building airplanes. Foreign interests see U.S. vulnerability. Airbus already has a new plant in Mobile, AL assembling Airbus airliners and may build the new C-220 there. Meanwhile global airliner manufacturers are underway in Europe, South America and Asia. Some are new, vigorously competing to take over Americas leadership role.

    o – U.S. airports not ready for the extraordinary growth ahead as well a increased demand for more global air travel. Asia building new airports preparing for that growth. Not in U.S. Three or four new International Airports need to be built now. Airport congestion and gridlock increasing, particularly in the Northeast, Chicago area, and the West Coast, mega-populated states. Some abandoned and low-use military sites could be candidates.

    Only four large “Legacy” airlines left: United, American, Southwest and Delta. Recall when we had TWA, Pan Am, USAir, Continental, Northwest, Braniff, Eastern etc., True, Alaska, JetBlue, Frontier, etc.,are contributing BUT only 4 big airlines left. Meanwhile, foreign airlines sense vulnerability and plan to increase their activity in the U.s. market.


    WHAT TO DO!!!!! The U.S. needs a new, stand-alone, National Aviation Commission (NAC) to be responsible for U.S. strategic aviation planning, policy, vision and promote U.S. aviation around the world A “reformed” FAA will be removed from out under the US. Department of Transportation (too busy with surface modes) and report to the NAC that reports direct to the president. Then worlds premier choice of travel is by airlines.

    William F. Shea
    Aerospace Lecturer
    A former FAA Associate Administrator for Airports

  5. Mary

    Solomon disgracefully covered up horrific #MeToo abuses at The Washington Times by a raging drunk screw-up harasser and illegally retaliation fired us victims.

  6. Thomas V. Milazzo

    John….thanks for all you are doing for the country.I see you frequently on FBN & Fox News.
    God Bless you and your new media outlet,


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