Just the News, a new media outlet, is being launched to “address the growing need for fact-based, impartial news and compelling digital content. JusttheNews.com will deliver exclusive news, podcasts, books, polling and video content showcasing some of the most respected and trusted journalists and editors in news media today,” states a release.

In a memo, John Solomon, creator of the new news site, wrote, “After two-plus amazing years at Hill.TV I am moving on next month to build my own startup media company.”

He did not reveal any details about his plans for an online media site, reports Washington Examiner, which added that, in his memo, Solomon “praised the Hill, his TV group, and Capitol Hill Publishing Chairman James A. Finkelstein. “With Jimmy’s vision and your continued great work, I am confident Hill.TV is destined for even greater success in the future,” Solomon wrote.

“Long an investigative reporter for the Associated Press, the 52-year-old reporter over the past decade has worked to push the Washington Times into profitability, started Circa, was president of Packard Media Group, and also headed the Center for Public Integrity, which investigates politicians and funding.

“Solomon was an investigative reporter at The Washington Post before he was named executive editor of the Washington Times in 2008.

“In July 2017, he was named executive vice president of the Hill.

“He has become well-known on TV, frequently appearing on Sean Hannity’s Fox show to discuss the Russia-Trump investigation and related stories.”

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    • Tom Ketchin

      Thank you Mr. Solomon for your truthful, factual and honest reporting. In my opinion, you are the finest investigative reporter in my lifetime (74 years). Thank you again for all that you have done to ensure honesty in the media.
      Wishing you continued success, I remain,
      Tom Ketchin

      • Angelo scavone

        That is what we need !! Thinking Americans will do the rest!!!

    • Denise

      I watch you on Lou Dobbs and Hannity, I enjoy your honesty, nice to see . Honest reporting , thank you for all you do . We need more honest reporting.

    • Linda Weimer

      Please subscribe me to your newsletter. I follow you on Parler, and love when you are a guest on the I Spy show. Keep up the great work, and exposing the truth.

    • Chris Dahle

      Thanks for not giving up
      You have been digging in ton of stuff we would not every have know

      • Cindy Galt

        John Solomon will never be accused of being part of the “fake news!” He is one of the best, looking out for all Conservatives’ views.

    • Vernon Williams

      Mr Solomon,
      I am 79 yrs old and mindlessly I found myself taking an interest in American politics in the last 3yrs, I think what intrigued me was the fact that never before has such generated “FEAR and Self Exposure” not only in His country of birth, but practically world-wide….I am talking about Mr Trump…
      I noted that one side inform the populous with arrogance, contempt and shameless lies with smiles, whereby, the other side seems at lost…It`s understandable…
      I would like an audience with yourself, Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Lou Dobbs, Greg Kelly, Judge Jeanine, Michael Lewis…..
      On contact, all,or any two must have a recorder, no question must be asked….next contact, there must be an expert Lie detector and if desire a trained expert that know`s when one is lying….
      On confirmation I am being truthful, all questions will be entertained on only what was said……
      Next contact, the procedure will be the same as above, such will continue until we arrive at my age of 12…….
      Rev, Says: They will put you in prison for ten days…10 mths, precise.. They will put some of you in Asylums…They tried and failed…….The Sun will shine into your strength…Maybe, that is why I can look directly at it for an hour or two without a blink…..
      I cannot emphasize the importance of being heard,,,,
      Thank in anticipation………Sincerely.

  1. Lydia Erickson

    Awesome to see this, Mr. Solomon! You are one of the few true journalists left today!!
    I look forward to benefiting from your clear and complete reporting!

  2. Sandra

    You are the best Mr. Solomon you are the bestQ! This country is better because you . are a warrior. Thank you for all you do.

  3. Diana Naper

    I just happened to see you on Lou Dobbs’ show on Friday , 1/31 and asked my husband…” who is that man”? I could just tell from the conversation that from you we could get “ Just the News”. Thank you.

  4. William F. Shea

    John: Congratulations

    America needs to protect its aviation industry. Here are 3 examples:
    o – Only Boeing left, recall when Douglas, Lockheed, Convair use to build the worlds great airliners. Now only Boeing left. U.S. venture capital dcan resurrect a new U.S. airliner manufacturer now: Resources already still in place in California, Northwest, Texas and Kansas. Plus excellent aircraft workers yearning to go back to work building airplanes. Foreign interests see U.S. vulnerability. Airbus already has a new plant in Mobile, AL assembling Airbus airliners and may build the new C-220 there. Meanwhile global airliner manufacturers are underway in Europe, South America and Asia. Some are new, vigorously competing to take over Americas leadership role.

    o – U.S. airports not ready for the extraordinary growth ahead as well a increased demand for more global air travel. Asia building new airports preparing for that growth. Not in U.S. Three or four new International Airports need to be built now. Airport congestion and gridlock increasing, particularly in the Northeast, Chicago area, and the West Coast, mega-populated states. Some abandoned and low-use military sites could be candidates.

    Only four large “Legacy” airlines left: United, American, Southwest and Delta. Recall when we had TWA, Pan Am, USAir, Continental, Northwest, Braniff, Eastern etc., True, Alaska, JetBlue, Frontier, etc.,are contributing BUT only 4 big airlines left. Meanwhile, foreign airlines sense vulnerability and plan to increase their activity in the U.s. market.


    WHAT TO DO!!!!! The U.S. needs a new, stand-alone, National Aviation Commission (NAC) to be responsible for U.S. strategic aviation planning, policy, vision and promote U.S. aviation around the world A “reformed” FAA will be removed from out under the US. Department of Transportation (too busy with surface modes) and report to the NAC that reports direct to the president. Then worlds premier choice of travel is by airlines.

    William F. Shea
    Aerospace Lecturer
    A former FAA Associate Administrator for Airports

  5. Mary

    Solomon disgracefully covered up horrific #MeToo abuses at The Washington Times by a raging drunk screw-up harasser and illegally retaliation fired us victims.

  6. Thomas V. Milazzo

    John….thanks for all you are doing for the country.I see you frequently on FBN & Fox News.
    God Bless you and your new media outlet,

  7. Beverly Lyman

    Will you “Justthenews.com” have an app so we can affix it to our phone screen?

  8. Robert Falcone

    I do not understand why none of you in the media have figured out that the Mueller report was never designed to investigate anything. Think about what you are saying, they all knew upfront there was nothing to investigate. So what did they do for 2 years? They destroyed every bit of evidence they could find on their corruption with uranium 1, Hillary’s emails, Clinton Foundation, Obama’s unmasking since 2012, and all the money laundering done by the democrats and the selling out of the US to many countries. Not just China either. That is why they put Peter Strzok in HR and gave so much access to the 19 angry prosecutors on Mueller’s team. This is how the text messages disappeared, emails went missing, 302’s cannot be found, and so on. In addition this is why they absolutely cannot stop going after President Trump regardless of what in the end it may cost them politically. Their lives out of prison are at stake. Including the many colluders in the media that have been complicit with them. It is pretty easy to figure out who the truly corrupt team is and has been. I have been waiting for 2 plus years for all of you to figure this out. Even now with the latest info you are still blind and looking in all the wrong directions as to what has taken place.


    Bob Falcone
    Falcone Automotive
    Direct 317-803-8747

  9. John Riddell

    John, I watched you the other night. I am proud that I work with you. Remember I was in communication. Hope u the best.

  10. Richard Newman

    Just want an honest source of journalism Please add me to your group.

  11. Gail Litchfield

    Please put me on your email list. It will be refreshing to read truthful news

  12. Edward Perkins

    John Solomon, I want to thank you for all you have done over the years to pursue truth in the media. If the social media tech giants, Google, FB, Twitter etc. have their way most Americans will be denied the truth concerning important issues & problems in our government. One of the day is the ballot issues concerning President Trump as we see them in Pennsylvania.
    God bless you and your staff John, “the truth will make you free.”

  13. Walt Yakovich

    The team of journalist & attorney’s have not been able to get a voter fraud lawsuit to stick in the courts.
    Why can’t the hundreds of individual voters ( who have alleged fraud) file a Class Action Lawsuit..??
    Just a thought.

  14. Kay O'Connell

    I would like to be on your email list. I am following you on twitter now.

  15. Elyne Strauss

    The “Wrap” What’s in the news? Not all their views. Just the ‘right’ stuff, the overnight stuff! Never mind Hollywood’s opinions: like, a million minions. Don’t they know when they’re on the job, they should do their thing and stay outta the ring! Yah, that’s right, it’s like a fight. Newscasters, broadcasters make better ring masters for the purpose of entertainment focus! Is that their purpose? Yeowza! Yeowza used the mean Cool, great. I’m changing it to mean: Yikes .


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