From virtual slam dunks to interactive mobile games, Baltimore-based Under Armour “is finding its groove on Snapchat”, states Adweek, which added that within “the roster of brands continually testing new creative and ad formats, Under Armour is trying to rise to the top, and it’s using the social platform as its springboard. The strategy makes sense, as there’s a seemingly rational relationship between Under Armour and Snapchat, even more so than Instagram: Snapchat’s audience of under-16 sports fans match up well with Under Armour’s basketball gear, kind of like Russell Westbrook going one-on-one with Kyrie Irving.

“As Snapchat builds out its ad business (it recently began aggressively courting smaller advertisers like ecommerce startups and mobile games), bigger brands like Under Armour want to play ball. In other words, “the real opportunity for brands on Snapchat is to move beyond video and create interactive experiences for consumers,” according to Jack Daley, senior director of social media strategy at Under Armour.

“Time spent and affinity for Snapchat are two data points that “make it a high-priority platform for us.”

“Snapchat’s ad formats run content for 10 seconds; Under Armour’s ads are designed to be watched in five or six seconds, with the main call-to-action popping up in under two seconds.

““If we can squeeze that main message to six seconds, we know it’s going to loop. If it didn’t resonate the first time, I’d rather them watch the ad one-and-a-half times in 10 seconds than risk them clicking away from it,” said Roni Sebastian, group creative director at Red Interactive, Under Armour’s digital agency.”

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