The City of Baltimore remains under a state of emergency as more protests are planned, a week-long citywide curfew is in effect (10 p.m. to 5 a.m.) and the long-term effects of the riots are just beginning to be tallied. Below is a sampling of comments Baltimore communicators shared with their followers this week via social media:

When the bloods and crips are the voice of reason in an emergency, we’ve truly entered a new dimension. #Baltimore — Matt McDermott, creative director, idfive

#‎More4Bmore has kicked off! CALLING ALL creatives, doers & problem solvers! Plz join me in this if you want to be a part of the solution! WE NEED YOU! — Mario Armstrong

As a proud Baltimore City business owner, the past 24 hours have been both sad and tragic. The entire community must find a peaceful path forward. Violence is not the answer. Now more than ever we need meaningful leadership from our elected officials and religious leaders. Baltimore must become one unified community.  — Jonathan Oleisky, Kalix Communications

Well now that we are a practical police state let’s release the autopsy results so we can get on with addressing reality & healing. The city has to have it by now. I fear it could to get worse. High emotions & military force are never a good mix. – Tracy Gosson, Sagesse

Don’t know what’s more immediately important for the future of Bmore: a just outcome in Freddie Gray case, or a new Mayor. — Mike Brenner, co-founder, Betamore

As a proud Baltimore company, we are hopeful that the worst of the unrest and violence in our city is behind us. We stand together with our neighbors, clients, friends and partners in the hopes that Baltimore will recover and grow stronger through meaningful dialogue and change. — Abel Communications

Photo: National Review

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