After the longest drought in history, sports are finally back, states The Martin Agency in Richmond. But there’s one big problem, continues the agency,  “Stadiums and arenas will be completely fanless. No autographs, no beer vendors, no organist, no screaming “airbaaaallll”. No fandom.

“So Buffalo Wild Wings is stepping up to make sure these fan rituals live on. We launched a :60 anthem during the first MLB game to set the tone for the season and created stadium-like experiences in the bar: hiring the country’s most famous beer vendors to sling cold ones (including “Fancy Clancy” and “Robo Vendor”), hiring the stadium organist to bring the sweet sound of the baseball to the bar, and serving wings on the those tiny baseball helmets. So even during these unusual times, fans can experience a few of the rituals they’ve come to love.”

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