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Capitol Communicator reports the "Belonging Begins With Us" PSA campaign works to unite communities across America.

PSA campaign launched to unite communities across America

by | Mar 6, 2024

“Belonging Begins With Us,” an Ad Council and D.C.-based American Immigration Council (AIC) campaign, partnered with the Team Up Project to release a public service advertisement (PSA) encouraging people to come together across lines of difference to cultivate stronger, more connected communities.

The Team Up Project – led by founding partners Catholic Charities USA, Habitat for Humanity International, Interfaith America and the YMCA of the USA – seeks to expand relationship-building activities and encourage connection in local communities through shared action. According to a release: “This closely aligns with and uplifts the mission of the AIC and the broader “Belonging Begins With Us” campaign to create a more welcoming nation where everyone can belong.

“To encourage more of the bridge-building behaviors already taking place daily in communities across the nation, the new PSA “Shared Table” highlights opportunities for people from all walks of life to connect with one another through community activities such as book clubs, volunteering and potluck meals. Created by Avoq, the film is a montage of human connection, featuring people engaging with one another around various types of tables that represent opportunities to get to know others and create stronger, more connected communities.

“The PSA directs audiences to a dedicated landing page on the campaign website, BelongingBeginsWithUs.org/TeamUp. The landing page features real stories of belonging from across the country, a guided quiz that prompts users to reflect on their own sense of belonging and bridge-building actions people can take to help others in their local community feel that they belong.

“According to the AIC and OverZero’s Belonging Barometer report, nearly two-thirds of Americans report feeling a lack of belonging in at least one life setting, including 64% in the workplace, 68% in the country and 74% in their local community. This underscores the need for people to connect with others across lines of difference so they can benefit from a stronger sense of belonging – a basic human need that is vital to our personal health, the productivity of our workplaces and the strength of our democracy.

“Whether it’s for a potluck, a conference, a game, or something in between, we all know what it’s like to bring people together around a table. This concept is centered on the idea that we all have the power to create belonging at the tables we share with one another,” said D.C-based Kevin Richards, chief creative officer at Avoq. “‘Shared Table’ encourages people to find the small ways they can build connections within their communities by starting with the people around their table.”

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