The Baltimore Office of Promotion & the Arts has filed a lawsuit against the Baltimore couple connected with the Light City Baltimore festival and is asking a court to rule that the name, logos, designs and other elements associated with the festival belong to the city.

According to a report in the Baltimore Sun, “the suit asks that the court restrict Brooke and Justin Allen, a married couple, from using Light City design elements in a way that suggests they own them, or any associated intellectual property. It also asks that the Allens, whose creative agency is called What Works Studios, refrain from ‘falsely representing’ that they are connected with the Baltimore Office of Promotion & the Arts, which sponsored the seven-day festival.”

The Sun reported that “the court filing says that after the city declined to discuss giving the Allens an ownership stake in the festival, the couple agreed instead to be listed as a major corporate sponsor. The Allens signed a contract acknowledging that the city would retain ownership rights to the festival’s intellectual property, according to the suit.”

However, the suit alleges, the Allens and What Works Studios “have repeatedly claimed that they… own the Light City Marks” and that the city has no “ownership interest or right in the Light City Marks.”

Mindgrub Technologies was named an Innovator of the Year by The Daily Record’s awards program to recognize those who have created new products, services or programs that have had a positive effect on their business, industry or the community. CEO Todd Marks and Vice President Vincent Sharps accepted the award based on Mindgrub’s Oculus Rift virtual reality bike. The VR bike was featured at the inaugural Light City Baltimore in Mindgrub’s Tech Playground and at the Navigating Our World Conference in Washington, D.C.

TBC, Inc. reports that the agency is having “an unprecedented year in the agency’s history” for new business growth with $15 million in accounts added this year. New accounts in 2016 include McCormick & Company as well as regional companies Monumental Sports Network based in D.C., ZIPS Dry Cleaners, MileOne Automotive and Mid-Atlantic Eateries, operator of five Eggspectation restaurants in Virginia and Maryland.

“This year’s new business growth is a tribute to the fully integrated capabilities TBC possesses as well as a commitment to help our clients take their business to the next level”, said TBC Co-President Howe Burch, who leads the agency with Co-President Nichole Baccala.


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