The United States Postal Service stamp program has been honoring and celebrating the people, events and cultural milestones unique to the history of the United States since 1847. That’s 173 years worth of history. And, award-winning photographer Cade Martin told Capitol Communicator: “That’s 173 years worth of history and I couldn’t be more honored – or school-kid excited – to be a part of it. There are few more iconic or far-reaching ways to deliver an image –a holiday card delivered to San Francisco from Omaha, a congratulatory graduation card sent from Washington, D.C., to Santa Fe.”

The 2020 class of USPS Forever stamps includes four hip hop stamps, honoring the contribution of this musical genre to our collective American culture. Cade Martin worked on motion-filled images with art director Antonio Alcalá who highlighted them with bright colors, each representing a pillar of hip hop, MCing, b-boying, DJing and graffiti. Being involved in this project, said Cade Martin, is “a pretty cool feeling.”

Cade Martin is the photographer behind Capitol Communicator’s Up Close and Personal profiles.

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