“Legends like Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster and the Bermuda Triangle were as much of an influence to me growing up as the Lone Ranger, Zorro and the Two-Gun Kid”, award-winning photographer Cade Martin told Capitol Communicator.  So, when Smithsonian Magazine Associate photo editor Donny Bajohr reached out to Cade to see if he was interested in taking on an assignment photographing Bigfoot, Cade responded, “Count me in!
“I always love working with the Smithsonian, and they thought it would be cool to create a miniature set in the vein of the famous grainy “video footage” from the Patterson–Gimlin film.”
Bigfoot will be September’s “American Icon” featured in the Prologue section of Smithsonian Magazine.
And, according to Cade, yes, Bigfoot is real!

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