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Derek Amato was a sudden savant. He dove into the shallow end of a pool at a party and after being diagnosed with a severe concussion and resting for five days, he woke up a piano virtuoso, with a sudden ability to play and create complex, intricate music.

D.C.-based Cade Martin, who photographs “up close and personal” profiles for Capitol Communicator, told us that he was honored to photograph the Amato’s story for Southwest Airlines’ Southwest the Magazine.

According to Cade, “This was such a unique opportunity – I just had to figure out how to pull it off. Kevin de Miranda, creative director at Pace Communications (which is based in Greensboro, NC, and has an office in Dallas), came to me with the conceptual idea of Derek playing the piano at the bottom of the pool. I loved the idea of creating something ethereal and beautiful.  It was a bit of challenge logistically as well as technically, but Derek was amazing throughout – as generous with his time and energy as he is with his story and his music. I love this story, because it reminds me that we can still wowed.”

(Story starts on page 61:

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