We are pleased to have you as a sponsor. Please refer to the following specifications when submitting content for publication:

  •  Brand Banner – Provide your logo or whatever you would like to use as your main brand display for the Capitol Communicator website and newsletter. Please provide the largest logo size you have available in either .jpg, .gif or .png for web and newsletter use and also a .eps so we can have on hand. Provide the link to the site you want visitors to go to.  Send this information to: paul.duning@capitolcommunicator.com

  • Advertising Banners – As an annual sponsor you may submit display advertising. The size for the Leader Banner is 728 X 90 or Tower Banner is 350 X 600. Images can be .jpg, .gif or animated gif. Also provide any links that you may have. Please keep in mind that the banner is set in rotation with other banners that are updated via a browser refresh. Send this information to: paul.duning@capitolcommunicator.com

  • Native Advertising and Branded Content Submissions – We will set your company or spokesperson up as an author in Capitol Communicator. We recommend you provide an email address that has a Gravatar (http://en.gravatar.com/) associated with it and a brief description of the author. Phil Rabin will assist in setting this up. We encourage you to provide artwork that is 750 X 400 when submitting content. We can also include art in the body of the story and it can be .jpg, .png, .gif, animated .gif or video. That art should be no wider than 750 pixels. Please provide an embed file for video. We post content daily and our weekly newsletter goes out on Wednesdays or Thursdays with the exception of holidays. To be considered for the weekly newsletter we need content by Tuesday AM. Please send content submissions to phil.rabin@capitolcommunicator.com

  • Capitol Communicator Calendar and Event/ What’s Up Email – Capitol Communicator has a calendar of events on its website’s home page managed by Google. To submit a listing, send a calendar invite to capitolcommunicator@gmail.com. Also, Capitol Communicator sends out a weekly event email on Mondays unless Monday falls on a holiday. Sponsors are allowed to promote their own events in this email. The banner size is 240 X 240 and the file format can be .jpg, .png, .gif or animated .gif. The copy format is Event Name: When: Where: What: and a link for More Information. Send artwork and event details to phil.rabin@capitolcommunicator.com

  • Jobs – To post a job on our Jobs site at a discount select the sponsor/member rate.
  • Events: We produce various events throughout the year in which sponsors receive a significant discount. Please look for the discount when registering for the events.

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