As Facebook revamps its news feed, reports Wall Street Journal, “marketers are assessing their strategies on the platform and bracing to shell out more money to get brands’ content in front of users … (as) Facebook said it would begin prioritizing posts shared and discussed among users and their friends over posts from publishers and brands as it looks to amp up “meaningful interaction” on the social-media platform.

“While media outlets may be worried about significant traffic declines from the adjustment, advertisers are all too familiar with Facebook’s routine algorithm changes. Over the years, constant tweaks have diminished the reach of brands’ content, forcing them to put more ad dollars behind their posts to make sure people see them.

“Marketers expect the latest overhaul will go even further, making it virtually impossible for Facebook users to see companies’ organic posts—those distributed by brands without paying to promote them. That will likely drive up ad prices and push companies to consider other advertising vehicles on Facebook beyond the news feed, some ad buyers say.”

You can read the full Wall Street Journal story here.

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