In an open letter to Madison Avenue’s media buyers,“a group of more than 40 media industry watchdogs and public advocacy groups called on advertisers and agencies to bypass Fox News’ annual upfront advertising sales season,” states a MediaPost post.

“We understand that the annual television upfront is an important part of the advertising sales period for major advertisers,” reads the letter, which was signed by groups including Black Lives Matter Global, GLAAD, Indivisible, Media Matters and Move On.

“The top networks present themselves in the best light possible to advertisers and media buyers in order to sell out their advertising inventory for the year ahead,” the letter continues, noting: “Media buyers who aren’t watching Fox News daily are an easy target to get duped by the network’s empty promises of feel-good and fact-based reporting. Instead, protect your client’s brand and reputation so that they are not ruined by Fox News’ gross mismanagement, volatility, and extremism.”

The letter goes on to point out that “major corporations and brands are increasingly  taking public stands against extremism and attacks on American democratic institutions, and cites numerous references Fox News has made to undermine public health response during the COVID-19 pandemic,” states the MediaPost post.

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