Consumers favor TV advertising; more than half (58%) prefer to see or hear a TV advertisement over any other medium, reports Clutch, which added:

“Consumers prefer TV advertisements because they combine video and audio elements.

““A combination of video and audio in addition to the message is powerful,” said Rob Albertson, managing director of Bandwidth Marketing, an agency with clients such as Allstate, Gore-Tex, and GrubHub. “You’ve got a much greater chance of making a connection.”

“TV advertisements connect with consumers because they bring a product to life.

“Consumers remember TV advertisements because they are entertaining.


“Brands understand the entertainment value of TV advertisements, especially during the Super Bowl.

““TV has a high entertainment value,” said Julie Wierzbicki, account director at Giants & Gentlemen, an advertising and design agency with clients such as Days Inn, Fisherman’s Friend, and the National Arts Centre Orchestra. “Look at the Super Bowl ads. It’s something that people watch for entertainment well after the actual game. These ads have more than just a singular purpose of advertising; they’re meant to entertain us.”

“In a 52-year span, companies have spent $5.4 billion on advertising during the Super Bowl (link is external) – $419 million in 2018 alone.

“Companies spend this much on television advertisements during the Super Bowl because they are memorable and effective.”

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