Online shoppers are using voice devices before, during and after they make a purchase, according to a new survey, states a media report, which adds that “digital voice device ownership has increased 42% over the last six months, which has seen a 41% increase in using the devices to shop, accord to the survey by Narvar.

“Voice device ownerships was found to be largest (43%) by consumers 45 to 60 years old followed by those 30-44 (38%), under 30 (15%) and over 60 (4%), according to the survey of 1,500 U.S. adult online shoppers who made online purchases within the previous six months.

“By device, 71% own an Amazon Echo and 22% a Google Home, with 6% owning both an Echo and Google Home.

“Consumers use their device for a range of activities. These include researching products (51%), adding to shopping lists (36%), tracking a package (30%), making a purchase (22%), providing ratings or reviews (20%), contacting support (18%) and reordering items (17%).”

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