As the coronavirus threatens entire industries, marketers and advertisers are understandably anxious about their jobs, reports Digital News Daily, which added that a “clear majority (65.4%) of ad industry professionals believe the COVID-19 crisis will lead to layoffs at their agency, according to a new survey from Fishbowl.

“For its findings, the social network for professionals said it polled more than 17,000 employees at Edelman, Ogilvy, Deloitte, and a slew of other employers.

“Across industries, about 54% of professionals said they believe the global pandemic will result in layoffs at their company. On average, this means that ad professionals were more concerned about their jobs than the professionals in other industries.

“On the low end of the fear scale, only 43.83% of finance professionals expressed concerns of company layoffs.

“When separating responses by city, San Francisco Bay area had the highest percentage of employees who are fearful of layoffs (61.27%), followed by New York (60.34%), and Atlanta (59.22%).”


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