CSRA Inc., the Falls Church, VA-based government IT contractor, will be running, for the second year, an ad during the Super Bowl, reports Washington Business Journal, which adds that “the 30-second ad will run in Greater Washington in the second quarter before halftime and also Sunday morning during “Meet the Press.” It will also run throughout the game in key locations, including Montgomery, Alabama; Oklahoma City; San Diego; and Tampa, Florida.

“The commercial, created in house and produced with D.C.-based RepEquity, is called “Curiosity” and features local kids asking questions in the run up to the payoff tagline: “Today’s curiosity drives tomorrow’s progress.”

“It’s another move by the company to differentiate itself in a market that’s hotly competitive for tech talent and at the same time not exactly known for bold marketing strokes.”

The WBJ story also stated:”Recruiting is the big driver behind the marketing outlay, the cost of which CSRA won’t disclose. The company says it saw a 33 percent jump in job applications in the weeks after last year’s Super Bowl marketing push.”

You can check out full story here.

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