SC ASSET is one of Thailand’s premier real estate developers with a trio of “ultra-swanky new properties in Bangkok’s most sought-after locales,” reports D.C.-based Design Army, which adds that “unlike yesterday’s luxury, these condos are boldly modern and untraditional Thailandese—built for the young and newly affluent.”

“Real estate ads in Thailand all look similar. If you covered the logos, you wouldn’t be able to identify them. We wanted our campaign to standout,” says Chomchada Kuldiloke, head of corporate brand and communications, SC Asset Corporations PLC.

According to Design Army, to introduce a “boundary-pushing vision of new luxury to Thailand”, it conceived and designed SC ASSET’s Luxury Collection “with a trio of wildly whimsical films (filmed by Dean Alexander) that are as crazy dream-worthy as each enviable property. From cool beatnik to pop/sassy to classic jazzy, each place pops with distinct personality through reimagined takes of Sinatra’s East of the Sun West of the Moon—and all tied through a mysterious/quirky moon rabbit from Asian folklore.

““Real estate ads need to move beyond talk of ‘things’ like luxe amenities, high design and granite countertops—that’s expected of any luxury property today. To capture the new generation of wealth, you have to go bold and captivate with the experiential,” says Pum Lefebure, chief creative officer, Design Army. “Home, at its best, has a magical intangible that inspires us to dream. And it’s that captivating feeling that inspired this campaign.””

Kuldiloke adds: “Design Army went far beyond the conventional with storytelling and unique visuals—like pool floats inspired by the typical Thailand swan boats at Lumpini Park, just across from our property. The combination makes the campaign fresh, fun, and memorable.”

According to Adweek, the “unique, modern ads for real estate developer SC Asset move through three ultra-swanky homes in Bangkok’s fanciest districts.”  It added: “Instead of placing the focus on high-quality surfaces or massive window bays, Design Army opts to let the viewer experience the elegance in the background.”

Adweek stated that the “throughline between the three spots comes by way of a mysterious rabbit rooted in Asian folklore. While rabbits appears in many stories across the history of China, Japan, Vietnam and Thailand, the root of the “Moon Rabbit” lore comes from the Buddhist Jataka tales. The story says that on the day of a full moon, a monkey, an otter, a jackal and a rabbit vowed to practice charity.’

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