With the D.C.-area Metro system needing to generate more money, the agency has begun playing ads on buses, reports The Washington Post, whichcadded that a “15-second Megabus ad is the only one to air since the program’s Nov. 1 soft launch. But more advertisers are expected to follow.

“Eventually, Metro rail riders could hear ads too, said Russ Gottesman, founder of CommuterAds, the Dayton, Ohio-based company that has contracted with Metro to provide the ads.

“Metro says the contract guarantees the cash-strapped agency will get at least $250,000 a year in ad revenue, and Gottesman says new technology that plays ads based on the location of a bus will provide ads that riders will actually want to hear, such as ads for deals at nearby stores. But among riders last week, the immediate reaction wasn’t positive.

“As Alan Shan got off the 31 bus carrying bags of groceries, he complained that he sees ads whenever he turns on his TV. He hears ads when he turns on the radio. And now he has to hear ads while sitting on the bus.”

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