“The DC Streetcar has actually exceeded its initial ridership expectations. Before its February launch, officials predicted it would carry between 1,500 and 2,000 passengers each day; it’s since logged an average ridership of 2,400 weekday trips from March to May, reports Washingtonian magazine.

The Washingtonian article, in part, added:

“Now, the District Department of Transportation is trying to build on the early, if mild, success with a new advertising effort aimed at convincing more Washingtonians to “join the party.” The $221,000 radio campaign, which was first reported by WJLA, is being broadcast on stations throughout the city, urging listeners to try out the modern trolley. There’s even a catchy jingle.

“The tune’s lyrics, though, are less than imaginative: “Streetcar, Streetcar, cruising along. Streetcar, Streetcar, singing a song.””

The radio campaign is the first of slew of promotions coming from the DC Streetcar, which has a $1.7 million marketing budget for the rest of the year.

The “catchy jingle” is included in the Washingtonian story.

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