Founders, CEOs and senior executives from more than two dozen DC-area technology companies composed an open letter to President Trump, expressing their “deep” concerns over the administration’s proposed immigration policies and travel ban. All told, 28 local companies, including BroadSoft, Contactually, Optoro, Social Tables, TrackMaven and WeddingWire, as well as two individual executives, have signed the letter, which spells out their opposition to policies they say “will impact our ability to continue to hire freely and develop critical talent.” “Mr. President, your outlook, policies, and comments regarding immigrants as well as the recent Executive Order have sowed chaos and uncertainty in our industries,” the letter reads. “We are the growth engine of the American economy. Help us grow together with great jobs here in the DC area and across the whole country by supporting talented individuals regardless of where they come from. We would be open to meeting with anyone from your Administration to share our concerns and hopes for job creation in the future.” The idea for the letter — entitled “A Letter from the Job Creators in Your Backyard” — originally was initiated by the founders of UrbanStems, but was reinvigorated last Friday at an unrelated meeting organized by Social Tables founder and CEO Dan Berger. Berger and others are asking members of the DC tech community affected by the immigration policies to fill out an online survey, in hopes of gaining a better picture of their affects. The survey is at the link below.

The marketing communications profession is also very much impacted because technology has become so integrated into tools and services communications professionals use to do their jobs. Capitol Communicator is also reaching out to our marketing technology providers to complete this survey. We are in this together. Thank you to our technology community for activating this. (Survey)

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