After last week’s shuttering of DCistAaron Myers decided to launch a site to fill the local news and culture void. went live on Monday, reports, which added that “when a letter from billionaire owner Joe Ricketts was posted Thursday announcing that DCist and its sister were closing and taking years of content along with them (the content has since been put back), Myers immediately bought the URL for DCistNOW, launched a Twitter page and set his new plans in motion.

““Every online resource like the DCist is not only a gem, but a resource that is relied on by District residents,” Myers wrote in the first post. “Shutting down because you cannot handle the bandwidth is one thing.  Shutting down because your employer feels he or she has enough power to cut off your voice, while living elsewhere, is infuriating.”

“The Washington Post called the move by Ricketts a “scorched earth attack on local media.”  

“Being the editor-in-chief of a publication is new territory for Myers, a 34-year-old comedian, professional pianist and overall busy person.”

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