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Design Army creates Adventures in A-EYE social media campaign for Georgetown Optician

by | Mar 26, 2023

Adventures in A-EYE—created with AI technology—is D.C.-based Design Army’s new social campaign for Georgetown Optician, a D.C.-based optician with, states a release,  a 40+ year family legacy “at the forefront of ocular science and fashionable frames. The super-fresh experimental campaign takes a sci-fi movie bent—a fictional planet rife with extra-terrestrial eyeball life (including the all-seeing main character, Eyelien). With a cheeky wink to all things ocular, Adventures In A-EYE was made with AI (a first for Design Army!)—from talent to wardrobe, locations and landscapes—while the (very real) eyewear was added in post-production to create an optician campaign like you’ve never seen.”

According to Pum Lefebure, chief creative officer and co-founder, Design Army, Georgetown Optician came to Design Army with a new store opening “and crazy-short deadline to launch. Yet, when there’s a limitation (timeframe or budget) it allows for creativity. It opened us to new ideas—how else can we create a super imaginative, powerful campaign?

“That’s how we initially conceived the A-EYE-meets AI concept—because it’s fast—allowing us to create a campaign in just one month vs. previous campaigns taking six-plus months for scouting, direction, shooting, editing, color-grading, music, and beyond. Even more than deadline-driven, we loved the idea of taking Georgetown Optician’s quirky, whimsical brand—and adding a futuristic twist.

Georgetown Optician – Adventures in A-EYE Trailer from Georgetown Optician on Vimeo.

“Since the brand is a science plus fashion combo – medical eye opticians and stylish frames – the sci-fi concept made perfect sense for the brand. Adventures In A-EYE is inspired by the endless quest to see something wholly new—the mind and the eyes must travel! With that vision, we invented a bizarro story about travelers visiting a planet to no man’s land. The Eyeliens are creatures on the planet. But to live on this land rife with harsh environmental conditions, you must wear glasses to protect the eye. And, of course, all the characters have cheeky “Eye”-related names. The AI concept also allows us to change up the campaign seasonally, keeping the year fresh and still retain the storyline. Taking a cue from space odyssey films and novels, each episode – like “Return of the Dry Eye” – over-the-top thrills, chills, entertains, and educates—complete with eye-popping 3D titles.

“We wanted to bring a sense of romance to the story—traveling into the future that feels like the past.

“With that in mind, we were inspired to mix past and present to create a surrealist, retro-future mashup where you can’t quite place the era. The visuals and typography take inspiration from 1950s classic movie posters, the early days of web 1.0 and even the 1990s. We added in 1960s sci-fi sound design and future-forward hues to make this world comes to life. The result is a totally weird, neon-cool,”


Click here for full campaign press release

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