Increasingly marketers are taking video into their own hands to create authentic and social video that can be deployed quickly on social networks and across the Internet. While production levels may not be as high-end as working with a professional house, many marketers argue that authenticity and speed (and lower costs) makes the in-house route very appealing to them.

Hear from Nicole Shea, Head of Consumer Marketing, WealthMinder; Benny Johnson, Creative Director, IJR; Michael Wallin, Manager, Video Production, US Lacrosse; and, Kiirstn Pagan, Graphic Designer & Video Producer, Everyman Theatre, at the upcoming Mid-Atlantic Marketing Summit on September 29 in Baltimore.  These leading practitioners will share how they handle video in-house and provide insights, tips and strategies for marketers who are going the DIY route for video.

The Mid-Atlantic Marketing Summit is held in the Spring and Fall. In its fifth year,the summits have become the go-to and most respected marketing and communications conferences in the Mid-Atlantic region. They bring together hundreds of marketing and communications executives throughout the region to discuss high-level issues through a series of panels, keynotes, presentations, exhibits and networking. The Baltimore summit is being expanded this year and has moved to The Columbus Center at IMET, which is across from the the former Pier V Hotel venue.

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