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Capitol Communicator reports that Eli Meir Kaplan directed "Close Shaves and Closer Bonds" for men’s skin care products brand Burke Avenue.

Eli Meir Kaplan directs “Close Shaves and Closer Bonds” for men’s skin care products brand Burke Avenue

by | Nov 6, 2023

Eli Meir Kaplan was tasked with directing a moving 30-second spot about a son’s relationship with his father for men’s skin care products brand, Burke Avenue. The company was founded by celebrity barber Craig Whitely and named after the Bronx, NY, street he grew up on.

The ad focuses on the bond shared over shaving between a son, played by seven-year-old actor Phenix in his debut performance, and his father, highlighting the brand’s Moisturizing Shave Cream. “Close Shaves and Closer Bonds,” written by Whitely and creative director Dan Sorgen, rolled out on Burke Avenue’s social media platforms and website. Whitely based the story of his relationship with his own son. 

“I created this commercial as a tribute to all the fathers out there. Your sons see you, value you, and cherish moments with you. Even the smallest ones count. Take the time,” says Whitely.

As the director, Kaplan drew inspiration from his own two daughters.  “My girls want to help out around the house or play, and with our busy schedules I often find myself saying ‘not now.’ Directing this commercial drove in the point of how important it is to take advantage of those moments. It is so meaningful to them,” he said.

Client: Burke Avenue
Creative Directors: Dan Sorgen, Craig Whitely
Director/DP/Producer: Eli Meir Kaplan
AC: Evan Luzi
Hair/Makeup Stylist: Doris Elias
Sound: Alejandro Tapia
PA: Zak Arctander
Prop/Wardrobe Stylist: Jessica Hammer Harrell
Gaffer/Grips: Zachary Frederick, Ryan Clark, Mike Schoen
Talent: Phenix, Soulo Smith, Melanie Gella, Frank Sloan, Linda Townsend MGMT
Editor/Colorist: Eli Meir Kaplan

Eli Meir Kaplan is a Capitol Communicator sponsor.


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