ExpertClick is closing its 2019 Yearbook on January 31. ExpertClick members send news releases without per-release costs, and many releases have hundreds of thousands of page views – generating great SEO.

ExpertClick membership benefits:

1. Send news releases for free – they push out ten ways including Google News;

2. Press Room hosts news releases, blog posts, Linkedin, Twitter & Facebook Press Room hosts news releases, blog posts, Linkedin, Twitter & Facebook;

3. Speaker Bureau Platform Page;

4. Blog syndication – pulled in and pushed out eight ways – either ExpertClick picks up your blog posts or you can use the ExpertClick system, where you can send with seven keystrokes; and,

5. Profile in the printed and PDF Yearbook of Experts, Authorities & Spokespersons – 2019 deadline is January 31.

And, you can save $100 when your register at this link by January 31:

Here is what leading news media outlets have said about ExpertClick, a Capitol Communicator sponsor:

• The New York Times called it: “Dial-an-Expert”

• USA Today called it: “A Hot Site”

• PRWeek called it: “Dating Service of PR”

• CNN called it: “An Invaluable Tool”

• AP called it: “An Encyclopedia of Sources”

For more information, call Mitchell P. Davis, Editor, at (202) 333-5000.     

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