Facebook is updating how advertisers offer discounts to users while making it far easier for users to keep track of them, reports Adweek.

The Adweek article, added, in part:

“The social network is debuting an updated Offers section that feels like a digital coupon drawer. The move is meant to make it easier for advertisers to reach people who are likely to want a given offer while giving users a central repository that also reminds them which ones they have and when they expire.

“Offers are not new to Facebook. In fact, they’re more than 4 years old, having existed in some form or another since early 2012. However, according to Facebook product manager Dan Barak, the updates will help “streamline” the way they’re created both for online and offline.

“”We’re interested in both helping advertisers reach the consumers that they want in the way that they want them,” Barak said.

“Advertisers will be able to target people Facebook thinks are most likely to redeem the offers or share them organically from their page. They can also include a bar code or QR code that will help with reporting how many have been claimed.”

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