Facebook has sued four Vietnamese residents “who allegedly perpetrated a $36 million ad fraud scheme that involved taking control of the accounts of users who worked at advertising and marketing agencies,” reports MediaPost.

“Defendants misused cookies to take control of the accounts, a technique known as ‘session or cookie theft,’ and targeted employees of advertising and marketing agencies, which had access to large corporate ad accounts,” Facebook wrote in a complaint filed in U.S. District Court in Oakland, California.

According to MediaPost,: “The company says the defendants — Them Nguyen, Le Khang, Nguyen Quoc Bao, and Pham Huu Dung — duped users into installing an app called “Ad Manager for Facebook” from the Google Play store.

“That app, which wasn’t affiliated with Facebook, obtained the users’ logins and passwords, which enabled the defendants to access the users’ Facebook accounts and run ads without their knowledge.

“The fake “ad manager” app was installed more than 10,000 times between December of 2020, when it appeared on the Play store, and last month, according to Facebook’s complaint.

“Google removed the app last month, according to Facebook’s court filing.”

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