Facebook’s popular chat app Messenger now has 900 million monthly active users, up from 800 million users announced in January 2016, reports Fortune.

Fortune, in part, also stated:

“Facebook also shared new stats around the frequency of messaging between businesses and consumers. The social networking giant has major ambitions of turning the app into a one-stop shop for commerce, transportation, customer service, and more, and now has businesses such as KLM Airlines, Uber, and Hyatt Hotels using the app to connect with their respective customers.

“The social network is taking a page from popular Asian messaging apps like Tencent-owned WeChat, which lets Chinese consumers buy items, order rides, and transfer money to WeChat friends. The idea is to let Messenger users do more within the app so they never need to leave it to shop, check on an airline reservation, request an Uber ride, or book a restaurant reservation.

“Facebook’s vice president of messaging, David Marcus, said that 1 billion messages are sent every month between people on Messenger and businesses.

“The next step for Facebook is figuring out easier ways for consumers and businesses to start these conversations.”


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