Hubbard changed the name of  WTOP’s sister station, the federal government-oriented news and talk service, Federal News Radio, to Federal News Network. According to Lisa Wolfe, editor-in-chief, “Like every agency, change is always at hand. The morphing state of the media today required us to keep the evolutionary pace. We think it’s the logical next step as our story is one of constant transformation. We’ve always had our flag planted on at least two different hills:  We broadcast on a 50,000 watt Class A clear channel radio station that enjoys the highest protection from the interference of other signals, which on a clear night can be heard from Nova Scotia to Key West. We’ve also spent 18 years building a reputation as a topnotch online publisher whose coverage and presentation wins journalism awards and is read by a large and loyal federal audience.”

“The news business is constantly in a state of upheaval and opportunity. We understand that today more than ever, our audience wants to listen, read and watch on multiple platforms and when it’s convenient for them,” said Joel Oxley, senior vice president and general manager of Federal News Network and WTOP. ”Our name change recognizes that landscape and we are pleased to meet our audience where they want and need our valuable news.”

For more, visit: Federal News Network: Here’s why we changed our name

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