FitzGibbon Media, a public relations firm in Washington, D.C., that worked with a host of progressive personalities and organizations including Wikipedia, Julian Assange, the ACLU and Chelsea Manning, closed abruptly on Thursday, according to a report.  Several staff members alleged that Trevor FitzGibbon, the firm’s president, had committed sexual harassment and sexual assault against female staff, continued the report.

The report, in part, also stated:

“The news that FitzGibbon was shuttering was first reported by the Huffington Post on Thursday evening; they cited a tweet from Sean Carlson, the firm’s senior digital director, who said the reason for the closure was because employees “would no longer follow the leadership of a serial sexual harasser.”

“Jezebel reached three now-former employees, none of whom would comment for the record but who told Jezebel that the allegations against FitzGibbon included both sexual harassment and sexual assault. They said the sexual harassment had occurred against “at least half a dozen” people and that there were two instances of sexual assault that they knew about. An employee learned that a female applicant had been aggressively sexually propositioned by FitzGibbon during a job interview. The employee took their concerns about the situation to a supervisor, and a broad inquiry into FitzGibbon’s behavior brought to light the other incidents, they said.

“According to the people who spoke with Jezebel, the majority of the staff became aware of the allegations on Sunday evening, when they received an email from FitzGibbon himself informing them he was being put on leave and was “undergoing counseling.” Over the course of this week, members of the firm discussed whether they could stay open but sever Fitzgibbon himself from its operations. But became clear, the staffers told Jezebel, that there was legally no way for the company to continue to stay open without him at the helm.”

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