According to Tom Taylor Now: “Former traffic reporter Joy Pivec originally filed in D.C. Superior Court, but factors like her claim for as much as $3 million in punitive damages enable Hubbard to transfer the case to federal court – where it must feel more comfortable. Pivec had experience doing traffic in Baltimore when she was hired by news WTOP (103.5 plus its two simulcast FMs). That was in January 2017 and she says there were no problems until she was assigned to ride along with Rob Woodfork. Pivec alleges that “on the very first day, Woodfork told her of his sexual preference for older, blonde white women (such as Pivec) and asked if she dated black men.” Pivec says Woodfork’s “history of and proclivity for sexual harassment of female reporters was well-known among WTOP employees.” By April of last year, Pivec had made “repeated reports” to H.R. without any action, and says she then resigned. The suit alleges that Hubbard’s responsible for sex discrimination, as well as “negligent training, retention and/or supervision.””

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