Former WUSA 9 reporter Peggy Fox, now Media-Communications Manager for Northern Virginia for Dominion Energy, is “nursing a nasty wound after being shot with a pellet gun,” reports D.C.-based WUSA 9, after removing a Trump campaign sign she thought was a joke in her brother’s yard in Lincolnton, NC.

“I went and picked the sign up,” Fox said. “As I went back walking to my brother’s house, I suddenly feel this excruciating pain in my arm.”

According to WUSA 9, the pain Fox felt was from being shot by a pellet gun by a man “who was upset that she had removed a Donald Trump campaign sign from his yard.

“Fox explained why she thought the sign was up in her brother’s yard.

““My brother is not political,” she said. “Like he would never have any political sign in his yard. And then I realized oh it is his house. So, we pulled in. And I told my daughter I said, ‘Oh my gosh it’s a joke, he’s just messing with us.’”

“What Peggy didn’t realize was that the sign was on the other man’s property, and not her brother’s.’

According to Lincolnton, North Carolina, police, the man who fired the shot is 76-year-old Worth McAlister. McAlister is now facing a misdemeanor assault charge.

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  1. Real American

    Peggy has ZERO excuse for her willful criminal act of theft and typical democrat censorship of free speech. Now she lies to cover her crime. She should be prosecuted for election interfering, trespass with intent to commit theft and civil rights violation of free speech.

    Peggy, you arrogant democrat, you think people with IQ’s above 90, aka non-democrats, don’t see straight thru your specious lies? You’re disgusting!

  2. True American

    Completely agree, She talked a whole lot of crap about thinking before you act. That he needs to learn a lesson, and if he would have talked to her yada yada. You don’t talk to somebody who is trespassing and committing theft. She should learn to think before committing crimes. and learn that there’s consequences.


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