Frameless Technologies, an award-winning VR/AR development company and EXPLUS, Inc., a leader in integrated museum exhibit fabrication,  announce their new turnkey virtual reality exhibit product that provides museums an economical way to feature fresh immersive VR exhibits on a regular basis.

The Way Box™ VR exhibit overcomes multiple barriers of entry museums face with VR, such as high development costs, rapid technology advancements, and the ongoing need for new content.

The exhibit arrives built out and ready for a museum, and can accommodate configurations from 4 to 24 seats. Visitors enter The Way Box exhibit and engage with their own individual VR station, equipped with a headset, interactive features (such as hand gesture hardware), and atmospheric enhancers (heat, cold, wind, etc.). Visitors then enjoy a personal, interactive, 5-7-minute VR experience.

“The concept is simple, yet The Way Box VR exhibit solves many challenges faced by museums,” says Duncan Burt, President of EXPLUS, Inc. “It fits into limited space, doesn’t require custom build-out and can generate additional revenue. It also delivers fresh exhibit content on a regular, predictable basis.”

The Way Box exhibit offers the first subscription-based VR model for museums with a shared focus (science, history, aviation, etc.) that want to offer a new VR experience annually and a custom model for more narrowly focused museums that prefer a highly custom, long-term VR exhibit.

According to Burt, “The Way Box exhibit makes VR accessible to museums with smaller budgets by essentially spreading the development costs among subscribers. It also delivers high-end interactive and atmospheric features that elevate the user experience.”

Additional benefits to museums include:

  • Additional Revenue Potential
  • Fresh, Immersive, Interactive Exhibits
  • Flexible Configurations
  • Turnkey Delivery
  • State of the Art Technology
  • Ongoing PR Opportunities
  • Technical and Marketing Support
  • Shorter Exhibit Lifecycles for Repeat Visitation

Learn more about The Way Box VR exhibit today at

Frameless Technologies is a Mid-Atlantic Marketing Summit sponsor. The Mid-Atlantic Marketing Summit is co-produced by Capitol Communicator.

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