Gaming spots and Super Bowl commercials racked up massive view counts on YouTube in 2016, accounting for six of the 10 slots on Adweek and Google’s full-year YouTube Ads Leaderboard, ranking the most-watched ads on the video site, reports Adweek.

The Adweek article, in part, added:

“And in fact, two of the spots—including the No. 1 most-watched ad, for Mobile Strike—were gaming spots that ran on the Super Bowl. (The other was the #Pokemon20 spot.)

“Skittles, Hyundai and Mountain Dew also put Super Bowl ad on this list, while Clash Royale’s “Theme Song” was the other gaming spot. Knorr and Nike finished at No. 2 and 3 for the year with a social experiment and a flashy Euro 2016 spot, respectively.”

The top spots are included in the article which you can access when you click on the link above. And check out this article from Google’s Kate Stanford, who breaks down the year-end Leaderboard and offers lessons for marketers heading into 2017.

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