Baltimore’s GKV recently took time to celebrate and thank one of their favorite people — Betty Clevenger — for an incredible 40 years of service, posting the following tribute on the agency website:

If you’ve ever been to GKV’s offices, you will recognize Betty’s familiar voice and friendly face behind the reception desk. Having started as a secretary with Vansant/Dugdale in 1975, Betty has been working with GKV since before we were even called GKV.

In those early days, the offices were bustling with the sounds of typewriters, smell of cigarettes and rows of office secretaries (Betty was one of nine secretaries on staff). Betty has been with the company through several name changes and four office moves, but says her favorite location so far is our current one at McHenry Row.

Betty briefly tried out retirement in 2009, but she soon learned that she missed the hustle and bustle of agency life and we were so relieved she did. Thankfully, Betty returned to us full time as our receptionist in 2010. And we’re so glad she did.

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