Baltimore’s GKV won a gold Global Award for “In My Room,” a TV spot developed for MJHS’s Pediatric Hospice Care. The honor, in the category of Healthcare Institutions and Services, was announced at The Global Awards international celebration in New York City. The spot was also announced as a finalist in Art Direction and a second spot, “Mornings,” was named as a finalist in Cinematography.

Developed for MJHS, one of the most expansive not-for-profit health systems in the Greater New York area, GKV’s award-winning creative deals with the very real subject of pediatric hospice care in a tender and relatable way. Set to the sounds of the Beach Boys 1963 hit “In My Room,” which was re-recorded and sung by children, the spot takes the viewer through a day in the life of a young terminally-ill patient, while she is being cared for by an MJHS nurse in her own home.

“We are so proud of this award and the creative work we have done for MJHS. I have been creating advertising for more than 30 years and this is the most emotional television spot I have ever worked on,” said Jeff Millman, chief creative officer of GKV. “It is critical to know that healthcare leaders like MJHS are providing compassionate pediatric hospice care, allowing parents to keep their children at home, surrounded by those they love.”

Benchworks, based in Chestertown, Md., announced the launch of a new division — Agency LRB — in Philadelphia. The launch of Agency LRB is the result of Benchworks’ business expansion this past year and expected continued growth in 2016 and beyond, according to CEO Thad Bench.

“Agency LRB is an important addition to the Benchworks family,” Bench said in a release. “We are often entrusted with sensitive or proprietary client information on competing brands, and this move allows us to safeguard that information while at the same time growing our relationships with a variety of clients. Agency LRB will allow us to most effectively serve a growing client base, maintaining confidentiality at the highest standards of corporate governance.”

The name of the new division reflects the initials of Thad’s father, Leigh R. Bench. The parent company, Benchworks, is a comprehensive marketing services firm founded in 1991.

At Warschawski in Mount Washington, John Devor joins as a senior developer and will handle coding, database management, website building and app development for the agency’s clients.

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