A Lithuanian man and associates developed an email phishing scheme that cost Google and Facebook about $120 million in two years, reports Digital News Daily, which added that “the breakdown netted $23 million from Google in 2013 and $98 million from Facebook in 2015, according to Bloomberg.

“Evaldas Rimasauskas, who led the phishing attack, sent fake invoices via emails to employees of Google and Facebook, pretending to represent Taiwanese hardware maker Quanta Computer.

“The emails from the scammers told Facebook and Google workers that the companies owed Quanta money, and then instructed them to make payments to a bank account controlled by them.

“The U.S. extradited Rimasauskas from Lithuania in August 2017. In a New York court, he pled guilty to one count of wire fraud under an agreement with prosecutors in front of U.S. District Judge George Daniels, and will forfeit $49.7 million.”

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