Google has removed ads promoting false information and scams related to voting, reports Marketing Daily, which adds that “the search giant said it took the action after being informed about a new analysis from a nonprofit tech-industry watchdog group.”

The Tech Transparency Project, says Marketing Daily, used the Chrome browser “to search Google for “absentee ballot,” “early voting,” “voter registration,” “vote by mail,” “register to vote,” “apply to vote,” “how to vote,” “absentee ballot application,” “where is my polling place,” “find polling place,” and “vote absentee.”

“TTP then clicked through all of the results associated with each phrase and recorded the ads served alongside them.

“The posted results: Nearly a third of the ads — 189 out of 613 — directed users to sites “that try to extract personal information for marketing purposes, install deceptive browser extensions, or bombard people with misleading or useless ads.””

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