Google added several ad tools built on artificial intelligence, aimed at helping marketers automate and develop more effective advertising campaigns. The idea is to let artificial intelligence fine-tune ads, reports MediaPost, which added that the “automation will now be integrated into every form of campaign management, from bidding to dynamic headlines, as well as creative and targeting.

“The tools unveiled for Google Ads at a Google Marketing Live event range from responsive search ads that use machine learning to mix, match and optimize content to optimizing ad performance on YouTube by automatically adjusting bids.

“Google VP of Product Management Jerry Dischler in a blog post explained that the growing complexity of platforms far surpasses the ability of marketers to design ad highly effective advertising campaigns. He wrote that marketers will have the ability to choose from up to 15 headlines and four description lines, and Google will do the rest by choosing the best combinations. Google learns which ad creative performs the best for any search query by testing different combinations, so people searching for the same thing might see different ads based on context.”

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